Friday, June 17, 2011

Video Maharaja Lawak Minggu ke 12

Maharaja Lawak Minggu 12 will be broadcast live on Friday 17 jun 2011. This time the reality program will be held at Stadium closed MBJB Johor Bahru. To the crowd and enthusiasts who want to watch live dedication maharaja buffoonery in Johor Bahru, do not forget to get fit starting 17 jun useless at 3 pm at the stadium MBJB.

At 11 weeks into the past, no participant is knocked out and offering the most stable Jozan once. All comedy overlord of participants expected to make offerings consistently in the weeks ni. Is there at week 12, no participants are eliminated as well? Regardless, all questions will be answered on the live comedy overlord week 12.

Ordinary kind, live video overlord buffoonery week 12 will be updated here when the emperor was bersiaran buffoonery directly or after graduation week 12. Do not forget to add us on twitter and facebook.So For More Video About Maharaja Lawak Minggu 12 visit to Youtube

video youtube Maharaja Lawak Minggu ke 12

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