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Stanza Cinta Tv3

Stanza Cinta.Amni Sorfina (sacred serenity) ... that's as beautiful as beautiful as its name peribadinya!He was just a woman's end-time effort to become solehah Sedaya.However .. the road that stretched before him always choppy and never quiet.Exam was a good friend who always follow her wherever she went.

When happy at first greeted him, when the cherry blossoms swell beautifully, when he first smiled happily .... suddenly everything becomes so simple menyiksakan-nikam soul and stabbed him stems.As if the term was not happy for him.What she had dreamed and hoped our other features never become a reality.God our other features often take people who are loved from her side.

So once he Hiba moaning, "Oh God ... if there is no such thing as happy for me in this world?Why life is often not menyebelahi me?If with all this pain You want to eliminate all of my sins, how light this sufferings.If the pain is you want to save me from hell, you and I enter into syurga thy eternal .. what a beautiful suffering "

Irfan Ikmal - " Amni was an angel who is very gentle and caring ... but he's a firm.Amni a woman who likes to cry and easily touched his heart ... but he's a very brave! Amni an Eve who has such love for the Adamnya .... but he is protected disebalik preservation principles.Amni light shows when I was palpable in the dark.It was he who made ​​me able to smile with love ... also with the love of God who taught me "

Taufiq Imran , Bandung Indonesia - "Subhanallah ... Amni is a figure of a woman who wanted me to make solehah zaujah my side.I needed his support as peneguhku, I need prayer for my life, I need a smile to cope with my grief ... and I also need him to make my life be perfect.I want to forever through the halls of this propaganda which accompanied zaujah beautiful as her ... I really love her kerana Allah ... .. "

Simpang life Amni so complicated and exhausting.Served with pain and tears.Although love is there in front of his eyes, but he never had time to label it the meaning of happiness.His heart melted and injured often kerana love that.

Is Amni finally located side Taufiq ... a man who was so beloved, pious man who first taught Amni meaning of true love, the first Adam who has been victorious love the most expensive purchase it?Or Irfan Ikmal that always comes with a noble and holy love for Amni .Who are willing to give all the happiness he had to Amni .Should he choose this love?Could not she be happy without hurting the label another human being?

"Oh God .... Everything I give to you.I'm just a dwarf servant who can not do much.Let you who choose love and choose life for me.I do not want to force you to give what I give mahu ... what's best according to your knowledge to me.Kerana my whole life .. love .. and my life is thine is the absolute and essential !!!!" - Amni Sorfina..
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Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011
Stanza Cinta

Stanza Cinta will begin publication TV3 every Sunday, beginning June 19, 2011 at 9:00 pm for 13 episodes. So don't Forget Wacth Drama Stanza Cinta Episode 1 On TV3 tonigh. Share
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