Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nur Kasih

Nur Kasih Movie, Production of this film is not just looking at the popularity of the series, but it is to meet the demands of 19 million followers love to watch the series Nur extend through the film.On average they indicated it does not reach the maximum level of satisfaction with the final episode of the series. It is like suspense and leaving the question of who can not afford them sudahi. They want more. Once again the collaboration of husband and wife combination that has created this beautiful work is required to inject the strength of this favorite story into a film that reveals everything implicit in the series Nur Kasih. 
doubles as the finish the story, the film Nur kasih issue with Grand Brilliance, Film Scape Sdn Bhd, and Juita Viden Ltd still maintain the three leading to three important characters who managed to have an impact on the audience, the series Nur Kasih.Penangan bringing the characters of Adam, Amina Nur and Eid by Remy Ishak, Tiz Zaqyah and Fizz Fairuz really have an impact until the outbreak of the Nur Kasih phenomenon among fans of the drama series in Malaysia. In their determination and perseverance are the three characters meet the challenges of life an inspiration and example. 
Film also carries themes of this true love will be shown for public viewing starting May 19, 2011. Feel like a beautiful kesyahduan bytes theme song, Nur Kasih, which was sung back by the Tiz Zaqiah, 'I went back for still, find the real rays are identified, the promise of eternal good ...' The film will bring you to think for a moment What exactly are you doing during this life, whether you enjoy it or just let it go by. Obviously, each has learned from what happened. Only sincere hearts can feel the grace of God revealed test.
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