Monday, January 02, 2012

Video Demontrasi Pelajar UPSI

Video Demontrasi Pelajar UPSI. In the event of the morning before, 15 students involved with the FREE UPSI and SMM were arrested by police after they refused to disperse and crashed into the Federal Reserve Police Force who is assigned control of the situation at the front gate of UPSI. In the offensive also, two students of Duncan from the University of Safwan and Amar Rasyidi injured.

Interestingly, Safwan Duncan tried to be shown as a victim of police terror attacks. PR propaganda machine to create news 'gruesome' to say Safwan Duncan was in critical condition and dying with batons and shot effects rough treatment by the police. However, the story of the dying and it was actually a repeat critical scripts that try to play by Anwar Ibrahim and BOGOR, a man to have two of their identity and background blogs revealed by pro-government during the post-NET 2.0 a few months ago.

Academic Freedom and Elimination UUCA be highly effective capital among university students, led by the INDEPENDENT and SMM. Both of these entities is known as a propaganda machine of Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat among students. FREE and SMM acknowledge they represent the majority of university students despite the fact that they are a minority of the total.

Proven to be clearly shown in the demonstration in front of the gates at dawn last UPSI, excitement for the support of top leadership of Pakatan Rakyat, especially PKR, leading the students who did not think about their future, acting denigrate their own future Demontrasi Pelajar UPSI
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