Tuesday, July 19, 2011

jersey shore season 4 location

Jersey Shore Season 4 location. What is the difference between an Italian and a Tamarro Tamarro Italian-American? We'll find out soon: MTV America has announced that the 4 of the reality show "Jersey Shore" will be filmed in the spring in Europe, and particularly in Italy, in places so dear to the families of the protagonists of the series, which is a group of girls and boys whose origins date back to our country.

"jersey shore season 4 location" has long been accused of a show on television stereotype noisy and superficial (and more), often using the term "Guido" to refer to the protagonists. "Guido", in American slang, always indicates the average Italian-American, but in a negative meaning, which is why the associations of Italian-Americans of the United States, not just seen the commercials in the series ("The show will one of the most misunderstood species ... The Guido! really exist! "), have been asked the network to cancel the show.

MTV obviously has refused the invitation, especially because of the high audience that "Jersey Shore" records in America: If the first season to follow The Situation, Jenni, Nicole and Vinni (these are the names of some of the players) were 2, 7 million viewers, the second grew to 5.6 million. The third season, which began a few weeks ago in America, has received the highest ratings ever for the channel, with 8.4 million people, became 8.8 in the fourth episode.
Location Chalet Alpes 2
The phenomenon, in short, does not seem to subside, so much so that MTV has already put in the yard fourth season, which airs in the coming months and that, as mentioned, will be filmed in Italy, in search of the origins of the characters, going by the relatives of Vinnie and Guido by comparing with the "stallions" Italians for Jersey Shore Season 4 Location.

"The protagonists of the series have become icons for our audience," said Chris Linn, vice president of programming for MTV and head of production, "is the dynamic evolution of the cast, which allows us to present them each season and Europe is the new push for a show that continues to reach new heights. The cast will be in the birthplace of the culture that they live and love. We look forward to seeing what happens. "

We still do not know where the filming will be done, but we hope only that Guido remain in Italy the right time to realize that Italians are not like the protagonists of a rowdy reality show (not all, at least) so don forget jersey shore season 4 episode 1.
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