Saturday, July 23, 2011

Headaches in children

Headaches in children. Headache is a complaint that is often found in children and adolescents. Often physicians feel overwhelmed by the complaint, 1.2 and then solve the problem by performing imaging studies and EEG, which is actually less accurate because the majority showed normal results. 3-5 This paper will discuss the diagnosis of primary and secondary headaches that often found in children and adolescents, how to recognize dangerous circumstances, indications conduct investigations, and take medication against headache. Not performed a detailed discussion, because it has been submitted before. 6

Headaches in children Epidemiology

Data from many retrospective studies indicate that headache "generic" is found in 37-51% of children aged 7 years, and increased to 57-82% of children aged 15 years. 7 Among all the headaches in children, migraine and tension-type headache (TTH) showed the highest prevalence. The prevalence of migraine was 3% in pre-school children, 4-11% in children of primary school age, and 8-23% in secondary school children, 8 while the prevalence of TTH is 30-78%. 9

Headaches in children Classification of headache

Classification of headache have been published by the International Headache Society with revisions in 2005. 9 In the classification, the number of headache diagnoses in the tens of sorts. Detailed classification can be seen in Headache pain can be divided into primary head consisting of migraine, tension-type headaches (TTH), cluster headaches and secondary headaches caused other diseases. Among the many types of headache, the most important for the pediatrician is migraine, tension-type headache and secondary headache due to intracranial infections, head trauma and intracranial mass
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