Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maharaja Lawak Mega

Maharaja Lawak Mega is Lawak contest continuity for the program and will be broadcasting live every Friday, 10.00 pm starting October 28. It highlights 47 of the professional comedians from three countries Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

The participants of the Maharaja lawak mega is PIMAI group (Sathiya, Imuda and Mat Over), Hiro (Hamdan, Ilya and Ropie Cecupak), BOBOI (Afdlin Shauki and Harun Salim BACHIK), ANJE (Achong Sweet Child and Joey David), OSBON (Mr os and Abon), BP - Pomfret Power (Bob Germs and Sobri), RAP (Aziz City, Pak Lah Cecupak and Rama Do not Laugh), Cute (Radhi Khalid and Bell Ngasri) and 3G (Yassin, Erling eyebrow and Enot ) and Adlin Aman Ramli and Jalil Hamid took a bold step to come across as a solo participant.

The participants were given the freedom to create collaboration between the two countries, as did the group consisting shock Suhaimi, Ifa Raziah and Arif Gift. PROMOT group consisting Hani and Shaggy will certainly highlight the uniqueness of Singapore's women's comedy. Maharaja Lawak Mega welcomed the participants from Indonesia, the Pirates (Jegan, Elyas and Salman Al-Pharisees), fault-finding (Dodon crest, Amin captious and Lina Ragas), the SAEHU (Eco, Bocil and Vicha) and the Caer (Adetao, Mister Ibo and Lugiana).Tautan
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